Public Records and past landlords

previous Small Claims Case from courthouse pc

Monica has many aliases but her legal name is Monica Machelle Bonaparte Rankin Clark.  She uses Monica, Monika, Machelle, Michelle.  For some reason, it’s not pulling up some cases that I found previously.

Logan and Monica’s federal law suit for sexual harassment

Past landlords:

Donna at Solid Rock Properties (704) 868-4065 or Jim or Jay at Tree Top (worked for SRP when they rented) 704-525-8287.  They were evicted 9/9/09 but they appealed it due to some “repairs” that needed to be done (sounds familiar!!).  In the end they lived in the apt for free, had that year’s rent returned to them AND were awarded $1400 each…these are professional scammers!! 

Thomas Simpson 704-365-9222.  This rental was across the street from me, which was how I met them.  They
owed him around $200 and vandalized the house when they moved.  He said it just wasn’t worth his time or money
to pursue it. 

Roger 704-375-6014.  This is/was Bryan’s employer who provided their housing when they were evicted from here.  They are currently at this house but I believe they are being evicted since they are looking to rent again now.


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