If they tell you they were not evicted from my home due to non-payment of rent for Oct, Nov and Dec, it is yet another LIE.  Believe me, no one broke into the house after they moved – Bryan, Monica and Logan signed the lease and THEY STOLE MY PROPERTY AND TRASHED MY HOME!!!!

Below are pictures of my house after they moved, which doesn’t come close to showing the actual damage.  It looked and smelled like a crackhouse.   I filed a police report and we found their new address (after Bryan was arrested for domestic assault with a gun on Monica).  CMPD went to their house but, of course, Monica cussed the officer out and wouldn’t let her in.  The cop did see my property but Monica lied about me “giving” everything to her.  The cop talked to a magistrate judge who said it is a civil matter and I would have to sue them.  


Stolen  stove.  Cut water line to stolen refrigerator.  Stolen washer.  Stolen dryer.  Broken faucet.  Sink completely stopped up.  trash left in every drawer and cabinet.  Who lives like this?!?!?!?!  TRASHY PEOPLE WHO LIE AND STEAL!!!

disgusting sink left by disgusting animals

Stolen custom blinds ($500).  Every window in the house was covered by sheet, pillow case, towel or shower curtain and either duct taped or nailed into the walls, window frames or door frames.  

vandalized toilet in master bath


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