Civil suit for money owed $5000 filed on 12/13 and ammended on 12/17/10

After their $3000 counterclaim was dismissed, 2 days later they filed a new law suit for $5000, which was ammended 2 days later with more claims (mileage…WTF?!?!).  I filed a counterclaim for $900.  I didn’t know that they had subpeonaed the Game Warden and a Wildlife Agent that I hired to remove bat guano from the attic but they actually testified on my behalf (do they think that anyone they subpeona will take their side?!?!  lol that not cute or good for you!!).  Their case was dismissed as frivolous.   After court, Logan walked up to the HP maintanence manager and said “well, I guess we just got us a free stove, refrigerator, washer and dryer”.   Apparently, they think “stealing” something makes it “free”.  Enjoy the dryer that my cat died in!!!!  rotfl  I hope her ghost haunts you all.

My counterclaim was also dismissed because they claimed they did not recieve a copy.  For future reference in filing a counterclaim, you must document the original civil suit file # and, at the end of your response, include how you are going to get copies to the plaintiffs (mail it with confirmation of receipt, pay to get a return receipt, take  a picture of what you are mailing then take a picture of the package with tracking #).

Original suit:

Ammended suit:

civil suit for $5000 ammended on Nov 11


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