BEWARE renting to Monica Rankin Clark, Logan Rankin or Bryan Clark

If you rent to Monica Machelle Bonaparte Rankin Clark, Bryan Eugene Clark or Logan Machelle Clark…get ready for a legal battle.   Unfortunately, I did not do any research before renting to this normal-looking family, which is why I did this blog…I hope to stop them from doing this to anyone else. 

They happily paid first months’ rent and a deposit to rent my house, which included all appliances, washer/dryer and was partially furnished.  They never paid another dime, tried unsucessfully to sue me FIVE TIMES , called City Code Inspector, ran up $2000 in maintanence bills then stole everything (including custom blinds) and absolutely trashed my home.

I lost well over $12,000 in the 5 months that they had possession of my home.  This includes unpaid rent, expenses to defend myself in court, travel expenses from Louisiana, leasing management fees, and stolen property.  I finally replaced stove and fridge but still have to go to the laundry mat every week.

I have included as much information on this blog as I can.  DO YOUR HOMEWORK!  Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about these scammers.  They lie, cheat and steal because they feel entitled and have no morals or ethics – they lied to the police and to the judge under oath!!  No matter what they LOOK like or how “God-fearing” they pretend to be, they are untrustworthy.  God will know their lies and punish them when it comes time to face Him.


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