we are ver well educated wen it come to the law of Landlord and Tenant. youll see. Apparently you arent.

Here is the last email that I recieved from the tenants before hiring a leasing management company.  This email comes 3 weeks after they moved in.   I had agreed to make some repairs to the home; however, Monica ran off the repairman I hired because she didn’t like him.  They also complained about fleas in the house, even though the house is all hardwoods and they had a dog living on the premises (breach of contract).  I was scheduling estimates from new repair men when the tenants sent this email (Izzy is my kitten).  They are indeed well educated in the landlord/tenants laws but they can’t spell “when”.  They are scammers and criminals.

From: Logan Rankin <logandsa@yahoo.com>
To: uniqueflaggers@yahoo.com
Sent: Wed, September 22, 2010 4:11:14 PM
Subject: Re: Phone message

1st: I know what time you called me I said I got back in town at midnight I did not want to call you during that time. PLEASE READ SLOW.
2nd: I never changed anything. All 3 of our names are on the lease. The one we sign with you and that other man that was there supposly workin high.
3rd: When you came I stated that I was getting my stuff this weekend. I have a pink room now…. Anyways of course you saw toys in the 3rd room. My mother is a wonderful grandmother. And thats what women in our family do. So when ever they visit they can enjoy and have fun. Take NOTES NOW.
4th Why are your bolonging still in the house.THATS A BREACH
5th. When will repairs get done? Instead of emailing
6th You already know what time will be home. You been saying you going to fix this are that. YEA…Yea! its 24 hrs in a day.
7th Did you really just state you never stated a time frame? lol Well do you think rent is a time frame?
8th How could you say our family dog brought fleas. We have had Tinky (she) as a family and she always get flea tips, bath, nails done and fingers paints. We dont eave animals outside. The 2nd my brother brought her over to visit she spend the night and fleas bite her up. The next day I took her to pets mart and the manager gave me a recite and also dertermine the amont of fleas on her. Tinky is a regualr. this was the employees first time seeing fleas on Tinky.EVER. Thats notice on recipe as well. We take pride in animals. Sorry you cant. Also I have gotten bit and my family we all took pics. RAID.lol.. you can not be serious. Our unsafety house is flea infested along with other bugs. We take care of our body.NOTE….Im sure fleas are on you this minute you just DONT BOTHER. I guess your use to it.
You stated Izzy brought the fleas n another email. Lets be honest. When your talking to me act like your under Oath. Atleast. How did youll live like this?I saw the bath tube. But the bugs are sick. My newphews visit on weekends. 2 of them have already got bit. I know my mom told you I was there when she emailed you along with my father.
10th You are funny! You also stated security deposit for you to keep if the house is damage. It was damage before thats why all 3 of us request repairs and you agreed. Jennifer stop. The house been damage. I have plenty of pics.
11th Just to inform you Tinky is with my brother like always. Theres no fleas at his home.FACT…
12th You never answered how any cats was living there. You mention IZZY. I saw 3 but neighbors said you had a dog and 7 cats. Wow.
13th 30 day notice.lol Jennifer we are ver well educated wen it come to the law of Landlord and Tenant. youll see. Apparently you arent. Im sure you friends laugh when you tell them you rented out a home and dont wanna do repairs. I know the law You can learn from me
14th Agent will have the key!!!!Laughs….What key. Oh key to the repairs. Key to Izzy fleas. Keys to rent.
15th Your belonging are still in my house taking up space.
16th We still are tenant and repairs have to be done. We are humans living here Jen.
City will be here tommorow morning. Im glad we had this talk. I called them recenty after all your crazy and lazy email. Do not never think you can turn me against my mom and dad. Were suffering here. I dont have to ignore things when I’m working hard to pay to live here. Byr Jenn

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