$15,000 slander cases and my $10,661 counterclaim dismissed on 5/7

answer and counter claim

It was extremely difficult to be in the same room with these 3 predators.  The judge was going to dismiss the case immediatley, saying it had been heard and dismissed previously, but (true to their aggressive nature) they argued and argued until he finally agreed to hear their case. 

Logan took the floor this time while Monica turned to my boyfriend and tried to stare him down and intimidate him.  lol  that not good or cute for you lmao  Logan claims she is now a motivational speaker…un-friggin-believable.  THIS GIRL IS NO ROLE MODEL AND CAN TEACH NOTHING GOOD TO ANYONE!!  However, she would indeed be a real hit talking about Intent to Defraud as she is learning well from her mother.  I almost, but not quite, feel sorry for her.  She started out by introducing her “parents” (Bryan is NOT her father – according to public record, he became her step-father on 9/25/09) and saying they lived in my home, not her.  Finally!!!!   After insisting for 4 months that she lived here in her pink room, one of them actually told the truth!!  I really didn’t think that was even possible.  The best part is they concocted yet another LIE saying that someone broke into the house after they moved out and “stole their stuff”.  Now how would they know if someone broke in after they moved out?!?!?  Why no police report?  More importantly, after the CMPD officer saw my property at their house, why did Monica cuss the officer out and tell her that I gave it to them?!?!?  It absolutely amazes me that they have the nerve to blantantly LIE to the face of a Judge after being sworn in.  This just proves my point even more that these are career criminals who feel entitled to live off other people for free (in case ya’ll don’t know what “entitlement” means and don’t know how to look it up, it refers to a notion or belief that one or oneself is deserving of some particular reward or benefit).  The Judge asked them several times if they paid their rent and, of course, they LIED each time and said yes.  Hel-lo…THEY WERE EVICTED DUE TO NONPAYMENT OF RENT!!  Of course they couldn’t produce any receipts because they never paid a dime after moving in.  I do know that they have an old, wrinkled reciept for $500 that they tried to pass off to Judge Pope during our first court date for eviction.   The judge wouldn’t accept it because it didn’t have a name to whom the payment was made to.  Geniuses.   Who knows how old that receipt is or where it even came from.  Maybe they rented it from someone else.  lol that not good or cute for you!  The judge told us to go home and he would send us a letter with his decision.  We left immediately since they have been known to try to intimidate others after court hearings (they told Donna from SRP “hope you don’t get killed on the way to appeals court”).  Very civil.  Certainly good reason to install security cameras on my property. 

So…I just received a letter today dismissing both cases.  I knew they wouldn’t win their case because everything I have posted here is the truth and protected by Freedom of Speech.  I have to admit that I am a little disappointed not to get $2805 in unpaid rent/late fees and over $5500 in stolen property.  Oh well, I wouldn’t have recieved a dime from thoese criminals anyways.  This has been an expensive and life-changing lesson for me – I spent/lost well over $15,000 in 5 months.  Nice clothes do not make a nice person (and pink glasses do not make you look, act or be smart)!!!   I wasted hundreds of hours researching them to defend myself against 4 lawsuits from them.  I truly hope this blog will protect other law-abiding and tax-paying citizens from being pillaged by these LIARS AND THIEVES like I was.  Good riddance to bad rubbage.


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